Japan cuts 15% electric power & starts replacing:

Hitherto, the established Japan is a severly anti personality & anti individual society.
(Sad but true. Still. Personal Character is the better security against Totalism)

However, former 30% NUCLEAR electric power are being shut down, at least after the catastrophic events around the 2011 Tsunami devastating (?) Sendai & Fukushima.
(Details on the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown)

The Good News is:
2012, Doku TV shows simple but feasible beginnings to cut electricity by 15%.

(that is half the nuclear portion of Electric Power in Japan; the other half is rather replaced by combustion power plants than by systemic restructuring of Energy Use, at the moment; it needed a government reshuffle AND the Emperor’s visit to nuclear refugee camps in Northern Japan AND finally 80% disagreement with nuclear power in the Japanese population)
(it would be reasonable in Europe & America, too — as biggest Energy “consumers” —
to limit Electric Power to 1,5kW / household — ev. with 1000 kWh free per year —
and exceeding that to be paid progressively expensive, esp. by businesses & industry)

(though this electricity saving load is mainly carried by families and small companies
rather than by Shibuya Flashlight Games Businesses & Co)

and it is horrifying one more time, how an undemocratic society utilitarism provokes and instrumentalizes catastrophic events to “manage Human Beings”.

Of course this is not only a Japanese problem:

Vienna                       Broadway                       Piccadilly Circus … (click to enlarge)
… examples why “businesses” should not have rebates (but pay double) for Energy.

Propaganda (around so many things, and again around Energy Saving 2011/2012) repeats and repeats hammering into the brains using the worst imagineable indoctrination style, as it was “normal” at the Soviet Union and Hitler Germany times. Schools and Companies have to line up like for morning prayers to listen to the “newest news” against energy waste (or sports duty programs, or marketing incentives etc.etc.) and selected “winners” report their “success”.

(of course it is success to reduce Wasting Energy BUT it needs SYSTEMIC restructuring of what industry & commercial businesses do “hardworking” & destroying of the world;
just switching out the bulb or mobbing the neighbors for having forgotten their lamp leads to Totalism before all: that is how Nazis and Neonazis came “back” to acceptance since the 1990ies, and Akihito’s heart disease shows clearly what is happening instead of upgrading Japanese personal life quality: just read i.e. krone.at SelectedOpinions)

(ok this time it is neither war nor war preparation — as it was so often in the past —
and it is not comparable to what happens in that Khomeni/Khamenei Iran since 1979
BUT nuclear “progress” leads always to nuke armament
AND social structure(?) of Hierarchism leads always to violence(?) & war)

The development since 1945, leading to Fukushima on March 2011:

step 1:
Forced to peace by the unbeatable nuclear bomb, Japan started to officially enforce PEACEFUL nuclear exploitation and acquired the favor of US nuclear industry, such as Westinghouse(Plants/Technology), GeneralElectric(producer of Fukushima Mark 1 reactor) and Pratt & Whitney (Materials)
academic & social “elites” kept digging for opportunities to “catch up” with nuclear technology (quite comparable to the 1866 revanche movement against the forced opening of Japan by the USA and to those (WWI) postwar German efforts of getting rid of what was felt the Versailles Treaty disadvantage, unifying Wehrmacht military and NSDAP intelligence into an enormeous armament effort)

step 2:
exactly this latter mechanism worked after the Opium Wars period (1939-1860) leading to Mao Tse Tung and the Chinese and North Corean nuclear armament, last century. “Highly” developed “standards” of managing (read: REPRESSING) Human Beings
— always top in Totalism, finally imported by George W. Bush (jun.) to USA —
allowed to favor reckless (“capitalist”) US businesses rather than the Ford & Roosevelt (Keynes) consumerism. Wall Street was born, as we know it today. (“originally”, stock exchange was thought to distract risks and stabilize money supply & production of “normal” industry available to everyone)

step 3:
The 1973 & 1979 oil crisis events were certainly not to the DISadvantage of nuclear industries. Whatever might have been the individual motivations of what happened, independence of Third World oil supply
— or securing it by war and repression —
became a realistic option to the OECD “elite”. Israel developed its own nuclear bomb. Arabian, Indonesian and North African (“stable”) dictatorships & monarchies became tolerated and protected by US and European “Democracy”.

step 4:
Quite soon after Pakistan developed its nuclear bomb, Iran (as the first country of islamic extremism) started “walking” into Nuclear Research & Nuclear Industry. Of course, the Ayatollah Iran has not the least intention to reduce its nuclear efforts: feeling “protected” (?) by its own bomb and developing the option to “supply” other islamic countries with Nuclear Technology sounds too good an Economic Opportunity to just step out. It is more than hypocrisy to blame just the Iran for just Nuclear Armament, Ahmadinejad & Co having simply copied what “the West” was displaying: the Irak was their practical seminar how to proceed.

step 5:
and back to Japan, military was “trained” by “solidarity” with those “anti”terror” policies and that Afghanistan warfare, creating lots of guerilla and snipers rather than bringing freedom to Afghan women and young people: Taliban were trained by the US military during the Cold War, in order to throw out Russians from the Indian/Chinese Ocean access. All that made it even more “important” and “necessary” to be “strong” in (peaceful-tagged) Nuclear Electric Power to Japan.
Profitably operating electric power supply was and is a necessity, therefore security was neglected more and more (reactors ran “safely” for decades, now) and Earthquake Security was reduced “probability” calculations of what could happen.
(no reactor is built for 9,0 (?) Richter — or heavier — earthquakes
in the world: hardly ANY reactor would survive an 8,0 earthquake)

How do all those Nuclear Lobbyists think that Mount Everest, Rocky Mountains and Alps have been pushed up during the past billions of years? (it was good luck that “only” accidents like Harrisburg, Sellafield, Tchernobyl and Fukushima hit the world during the past 100 years of nuclear “development”)

step 6 was the “Largest Credible Accident” (german: GAU) of the 2011 Tsunami: no emergency cooling was provided for the case of an electric shutdown, no mechanical pumping with distant supply security was ever planned. Already underwater technology with capsuled electric supply would have prevented the total cooling breakdown (and core meltdown) in March 2011
another big cheat is in the Nuclear Lobby choice of language (“Largest Credible”)
— which is anything which COULD happen and not just “what is defined credible” —
while the largest possible damage would be a 100m or 200m Tsunami Wave, esp. in an earthquake region around the Pacific Fire Ring.

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